The Lit Link festival is a unique international literary event whose participants are writers, editors and publishers.

The festival has been held annually in Croatia since 2013 and is a kind of literary tour through different cities.

In recent years, some events connected to the festival have even taken place outside of Croatia.

The purpose of the festival is to connect the local literary scene with other literary scenes across the world.

The festival is aimed both at the general public and literary professionals.

The festival strives towards the discovery of the new, towards the long-term effects of literary communication and towards enhancing the potential for two-way translations.

The festival consists of evening readings in which both local authors and guest authors participate.

At previous festivals, guests have come from the following countries: 2013 – USA; 2014 – Canada; 2015 – France; 2016 – Italy, 2017 – UK, 2018 – USA.

2019 – the guests will be writers and publishers from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Translations are completed beforehand and projected onto a large screen during the readings.

The readings take place in non-academic and somewhat alternative spaces but with an attentive, literary audience.

The Lit Link festival plays out without a superfluous protocol, and in a cozy atmosphere. No other programs are held in these spaces during the readings.

From our experience at previous festivals, this type of event can have long-term positive effects in the form of additional contacts and future collaborations and even book translations in both directions, but at the same time there are of course no preconceived expectations or obligations.

The festival generally moves from coastal, Mediterranean cities (Pula, Rijeka) inland- to the Croatian capital, Zagreb- and an addition to the program, to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. Distances traveled each day are relatively short (100-200 kilometers).

Some of the guests from festivals in previous years include: American authors Nell Zink, Heidi Julavits, Adam Mansbach, Tao Lin, Buzz Poole, Catherine Lacey, Jesse Ball, Elijah Wald, Canadian authors Miriam Toews, Sheila Heti, Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, Kathryn Borel, French authors Dominique Fabre, Armand Gauz, Albena Dimitrova, David Fauquemberg, Italian authors Flavio Soriga, Francesca Borri, Adrian Bravi, Paola Soriga, British authors Joanna Kavenna, David Szalay, Samantha Harvey, Gary Budden, Spanish voice performer Ernesto Estrella, and a number of other authors and publishers: Richard Nash, John O’Brien, Anne Meadows, Zeljka Marosevic, Andi Winnette, Michael Stein, Dominique Bordes, Emmanuelle Collas, Marion Duvert, Benoît Virot, Oliviero Toscani, Miriam Capaldo, Peter Blackstock, Ashley Levy, Buzz Poole, Olivia Snaije, Janika Rüter, Anna Kelly, Rosie Goldsmith, Mitchell Albert, Nathan Connolly, etc...

The hosts of the festival are the artistic director of the festival Robert Perišić, a writer, and the technical organizer Ivan Sršen, a writer, independent publisher and editor.

The producer of the festival is the Croatian Writers Society.

Some reports (in English) from previous Lit Link festivals can be found here:
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Organizer: Hrvatsko društvo pisaca (HDP)

Artistic director: Robert Perišić

Executive director: Ivan Sršen

Editorial board: Ivan Sršen, Ana Badurina, Buzz Poole, Chelsea Sanders, Muanis Sinanović, Robert Perišić

International coordinator: Buzz Poole

Program coordinator - Ljubljana: Muanis Sinanović

Program assistant (2019, German language program): Stipe Ćurković

Marketing & PR: Ivan Sršen

Executive assistants: Petra Čačić, Lana Purgar

Logo: Barbara Blasin