Lit Link festival is an international literary festival dedicated to a shared dedication and appreciation of contemporary literature. Along with some of the most inspiring voices of the Croatian and regional literary scene, this year’s guests are writers, editors, and publishers from France, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, all connected through French language.

At each of the bilingual programs, in Zagreb, Labin, and Rijeka, authors will read excerpts from their work, translated for the occasion and projected on the screen in both French and Croatian. Each reading will be introduced with discussions with the writers, about their literary practices and experiences working in various (inter)national literary fields.

The program will provide a dynamic experience to all those interested in contemporary literature and publishing, especially those with inclinations towards Francophone literature. The festival will be additionally enriched by a couple of guests from Austria and Slovenia.

This year’s participants:
Writers: Emilienne Malfatto (France), Lucie Rico (France), Philippe Marczewski (Belgium), Robert Prosser (Austria), Andrej E. Skubic (Slovenia), Marija Andrijašević, Ivana Bodrožić, Željka Horvat Čeč, Marinko Koščec, Sandra Antolić, Nora Verde, Marko Pogačar, Srećko Horvat, Zoran Žmirić, Tatjana Gromača, Zoran Ferić, Bojan Žižović & Želimir Periš.

Editors and publishers: Lisa Liautaud (Julliard, France), Gabrielle Cottier (Éditions des Syrtes, Switzerland), Clément Ribes (Gallimard, France), Claire Duvivier (Asphalte, France), Simon-Philippe Turcot (La Peuplade, Canada)
The 2021 Lit Link Festival will be held from 6th October 2021 (Wednesday) to 9th October (Saturday) on the Adriatic coast (Labin, Rijeka) and in Zagreb, Croatia.
The 2020 Lit link (Literature link) festival's summer events will be happening on July 16 (Zagreb) and July 17 (Rijeka). Along with Croatian participants, the guests of the festival will also include writers, editors and publishers from Slovenia.

An additional Autumn program of the festival will be held on December 12 in Vienna, with Croatian and Austrian participants.
The 2019 Lit Link Festival will be held from 26.6. 2019. (Wednesday) to 29.6. (Saturday) on the Adriatic coast and in Zagreb, Croatia.

Along with Croatian writers, this year’s guests will be writers and publishers from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

An additional festival evening event will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in cooperation with our local partner there (30.6).